Baldeikino Map v2.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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- Standard crops;
- 13 fields;
- 1 Cowshed;
- 2 sheepfields (near the house and in Berezovka);
- 2 chicken coops (near the house and near the Fish Farm);
- 1 pigsty;
- Several woodlands;
- Lots of lawns for haymaking;
- There is a site in the city for its own production;
- Production facilities: Smokehouse, Fish farm, Sugar factory, Dairy plant, Bakery, Bakery, Flour mill, Oil mill, BGA, Seed and fertilizer production, Feed production, Greenhouses near the house, Sawmill and furniture production;
- There is a sand pit and 3 sand sales points.

attention: The trigger of the purchased house is built into the map, it is bought in the "Cottages" section, you need to put it wisely, because there is a small collision above the trigger so that you can then sell it and put it in another place.
The train on the map is standard, without functionality, purely as an ornament.
In order for the animal pens to work, it is necessary to purchase a plot.
For correct operation, the BGA is purchased together with the plot.

In version
- Added additional crops: buckwheat, mustard, peas, flax, alfalfa
- Additional crops are customized for the mod – precision farming. Seeding rates and fertilizer rates are configured for each additional crop
- Added products: buckwheat, mustard powder, pea groats, linseed oil, starch
- The weather on the map has been improved, winter has been made more frosty
- Added a work train to sell crops at a higher price
- Added a stable for 8 heads in the village of Berezovka
- The prices of horses have been redesigned, now they range from 30 to 60 thousand
- Added a small cowshed for 5 heads in the village of Baldeikino, in the main yard, where chickens and sheep are also located
- The production of compound feed has been improved, now there is more choice of what you can prepare compound feed from
- Added another grocery store in D. Novoe Baldeikino
- The highway has been updated
- Two small fields have been added
- All the "junk" has been removed from the map, only the "default" decorations are left
- Most of the objects have been updated, about 80-85% of the objects. Objects are mainly from "default" cards and from "modhub"
- Redesigned the location of trees and bushes on the map. Added more variety, it turned out to reduce the total number of trees relative to the previous version of the map
- Some objects are made completely "demolished", namely: workshop, and both garages on the main base; production of seeds/fertilizers/feed; creamery; sawmill; furniture factory; grain elevator, weighing room, and both garages on the second base; houses with "interior" in the villages of "Baldeikino" and "New Baldeikino"; hayloft; potato and beet storage; small greenhouses;
both sheepfields; a stable; a sugar factory; a pigsty; a large cowshed.
- The maximum optimization of the map was made, as far as possible. Since now the map has clearly become "heavier", most of the "collisions" were removed, "occluder mesh" was added to the buildings and now there are three garages on the map in which equipment is "unloaded" from the map. The archive with the map has also been put in order.

In order to demolish an object, you need to buy a plot with it. When demolishing objects, they cannot be re-installed, only a hayloft, root crop storages, small greenhouses can be re-installed.
Naturally, you need to start a new game, because there are many changes relative to the old version.

Credits: SimGames


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