Across the Ditch v2.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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An updated version of the map "Across the ditch" (Across the Bitch).

Fences and gates can be demolished.
The trees have been redesigned, it is better to cut them down.
Added a point of sale for container logs at the sawmill.
An XML file of vehicle missions has been added, so now you can collect several fruits using the built-in harvesters, and some others have been modified for simpler missions.
Our own hosted tab has been added, as shown in the pictures, including a modified fence and gate.
Added a fish farm with live fish in aquariums.
Fixed everything
Fixed some issues with AI workers in some fields.
There are many other things that you can explore and find for yourself.

In version
Updated with the latest game updates, as well as added additional elements and changed the background to make the map smoother.

Authors: Cazz64 Old Aussie Gamer, WebForms, Lonestar Farms

Credits: Cazz64 Old Aussie Gamer


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