Jcb Cx3-Cx4 ModPack v1.1.0.0 (1.14.x)
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- The price is 165,000
- Power 235 hp
- Maximum speed 63 km/h
- CS3 and cs4 wheel options
- Crab stroke mode
- Enable and disable collisions using X
- Right door, left door, rear window animated opens
- The back arm is lengthened and shortened
- The rear support legs can be lowered to the desired level.
- When the front bucket is open, if there is material in it, it is emptied. If it is closed, it empties normally.
- Fork option for forklift and bucket front teeth

In version
- Fixed texture errors;
- Fixed a problem with the non-rotating rear rim of the CX4;
- Fixed a problem with reversing the rear bucket;
- The problem with opening windows has been solved;
- Added a hydraulic rock crusher;
- Added terra farm files (if you use them).

Authors: Meric TR MODDING, lficasp0312, AlBorks

Credits: Meric TR MODDING


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TAGS:Cx3-Cx4, (1.14.x), Modpack, v1.1.0.0