Konstantinidis V8 Sound Mod [1.50]
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Changelog: – Improved exhaust samples and added new one – Blow off valve sounds RPM timer changed – Third air brake sound improved – Added new reverse sound – Changed stick blinker and blinker sounds to original scania – Added lane assistant warning sounds (please give me feedback about that.) – Improved interior equalizer for better quality Includes: Real sounds of R950 Konstantinidis Four types of air brake sound Air Gear Automatic ‘ventil’ sound when you release gas pedal at low RPM Three types of cabin horn – vabis, whistle and seger Four types of original bov (blow off valve) sound Retarder from MB Travego Custom jake brake Interior button sounds Realistic engine choices Convoy mode support Compatible with: Scania RJL, Eugene’s Scania NG, BC – Man TGX 2020 – RJL T & T4 Series Credits: M. Yıldız

Credits: M. Yıldız


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