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LADA GRANTA 1.0 [BETA] mod has been in development for a long time, due to the fact that I did not have enough time to finish it and at the numerous requests of my most patient subscribers, I decided to release it in open beta. You can write about all possible bugs in the group's BOS, providing a video or photo with a flaw for further correction of the latter. The mod is of medium quality. Among the advantages: ✅ Your own jbeam; ✅ PBR materials(Interior, Body); ✅ A well-designed interior; ✅ A working roof rack + the ability to secure cargo; ✅ A large number of configurations; ✅ Customized headlight optics + baking; ✅ Adaptation to tinting; ✅ A sticker system has been added; ✅ A working dashboard; ✅ The characteristics of the car are close to real ones. ✅ Own wheels + the ability to change their color.

In order for the mod to work, you need to unpack it. You can do this as follows:
1) Open the downloaded archive and minimize it for a while;
2) Go to the folder where you have the modifications;
3) Creating an unpacked folder in the mods folder;
44) Go to the unpacked folder, then create a modsfolder folder in it
5) Go to the modsfolder folder and transfer the vehicles folder from the archive to the current folder.
66) It's done!

In the end, you should get this path: "BeamNG\0.32\mods\unpacked\modsfolder\vehicles\orbit2190"

Credits: Orbit


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