Jerr Dan 50/60 Wrecker v1.6 (0.32.x)
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The release of the Jerr Dan 50/60 mod for BeamNG is a tow truck.
It has functional outriggers, a lower lift, a crane with two winches.
One complete set (there are already 5 different ones in the new version) with one color and engine option, no interior, no working lighting, not the best engine sound, some parts are missing, no glass breaking, no turn signal control triggers, only key bindings.

700 hp engine
. Weight: 33.5 tons.
10-speed automatic transmission.

This mod is not for weak computers — you need a decent processor to get decent fps. The I5 10400 puts a lot of pressure on FPS (the author recommends i5 13500 and higher).

Credits: Fun Physics


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