OGC TWO - The Ultimate Map v1.2 (0.32.x)
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The map combines into one whole:
– West Coast USA (taken from patch 0.31);
– East Coast USA;
– Utah;
– Jungle Rock Island.

There are several links between these maps, and in addition, you can find additional content on the East Coast of the United States. There is a suburban area and several industrial sites.
Enjoy exploring new territories, as well as travel through the diverse landscapes of your favorite original BeamNG maps.

When playing on this map, keep in mind:
- You need a decent system to run this map;
- It may take some time to download the map, please be patient;
- If you have problems with textures, try clearing the cache.

In version 1.2:
- The addition of a freeway skirting the West coast;
- Replace the WCUSA - JR connecting bridge with a new highway;
- Currently there is only 1 communication bridge with JR available from ECUSA;
- Fixed a lot of problems with AI paths on bridges;
- General minor bug fixes and adjustments.

Credits: Online90


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